Keep Calm and Showcase On!

A guide on how to prepare your dancer (and yourself) for Showcase

May, 2018 – It’s that time of year again! We prepare for months, we know our routines forward and backwards, we read the handouts (or at least say we do), but we still feel the pressure when it comes to Showcase.

Growing up, Showcase was like getting new shoes at the start of the school year. It was like, fireworks on the Fourth of July. You just knew it was going to happen.

This year, Yello is preparing for our first-ever Showcase and we couldn’t be more thrilled. But what we’re finding is that this is the first Showcase for…everyone! That being said, we want to break this down for you with some Showcase: 101. Instead of worrying or waiting until the last minute to get those new tights (nobody likes to see a run), we want to give you some tips on how to prepare yourself and your dancer for this really exciting time.

Let’s go back; way back, to our first dentist appointment. It was terrifying. Why? We didn’t know what to expect. Maybe you were prepped beforehand, but nothing can fully prepare you for the bright lights shining down on you while sitting in that chair. Similar to the stage, nothing can fully prepare you for that magical moment when the lights hit you Center Stage and you’re able to express yourself in ways you didn’t know were possible.

It’s a vulnerable moment to face your audience and share such an intense experience. Just like any speech or presentation, our performance is determined long before we step onto the stage. Preparations began at the beginning of the dance year with technique, discipline, drive and passion. Without realizing it, you and your dancer have prepared all year long for this incredibly special moment. Now it’s time to shine.

Now that you’re feeling inspired, we want to give you some last-minute tips for the weeks leading up to Showcase.

Advice from the teachers:
  • Dance each routine like you’re already on stage.
  • Treat final dress rehearsal as a performance.
  • Practice your routines full-out, no excuses!
  • Listen and apply corrections- it’s not a reflection of your mistakes, but an opportunity to grow as a performer.
  • Practice smiling! You’d be surprised how much energy it takes!

Something that can also be helpful is to create a checklist leading up to your last practices, and especially, final dress rehearsal.

“But how do I know what should even be on this checklist,” you ask? Simple! Talk to your instructors.

Example questions include:
  • What shoes (and what color shoes) is my dancer wearing for Showcase?
  • What color tights should my dancer have?
  • How should hair look?
  • How should makeup look?
  • What time do we need to arrive? (Hint! It’s not show time, it’s before)
Things that should be in your dancers’ bag for Showcase (and always, to be honest):
  • Bobby pins
  • Hairspray
  • Extra hair ties
  • Water
  • Snack (if sticking around for multiple classes)
  • Extra change of shoes

We hope this has helped to relieve some stress. We know that it’s impossible to get rid of it entirely. Don’t be afraid to ask questions and read everything that goes home.

Most importantly, remember that this is fun and at the end of the day, this is an opportunity to watch your dancer do something that they love.

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