Laureen Elor was born and raised in Broward County, Florida. She began training at Tropical Elementary School where she studied musical theater and fine arts. At Seminole Middle School, Laureen added step, Hip-Hop, & Cheerleading to her skill set. This combination continued into high school, with the addition of culture dance classes at the African American Research Library. Junior year, Laureen transferred to North University High School where she continued her training and upon Graduation began working a part-time job as a Cheerleading Coach for America’s Leaders. She trained with them for a few years solidifying the fundamentals and techniques for stunts and tumbling. Once in college, Laureen moved her training to Joy Deco Enterprises, Inc. where she began her lessons in Ballet and Tap and taught ages 2-15, hip-hop, cheerleading, and gymnastics full-time. Since then, Laureen has been teaching all around the tri-county areas teaching all genres, molding her students, as well as herself, into the athletes of the millennium.

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