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Recovering from injury or just not physically ready for a full-on dance class? No sweat, we’ve got you covered!

Are you recovering from an injury or looking to build strength and flexibility to enhance your dancing? This class is designed to help folks who aren’t quite ready for more difficult or complex dance classes obtain greater strength and flexibility. This is a great class for post-partum mothers, seniors, dancers recovering from injury, or anyone looking to improve their range of motion in a relaxing and nurturing environment.

Improve balance and muscle tone Improve balance and muscle tone Regain flexibility Regain flexibility Strengthen your body Strengthen your body

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Light weights and resistance bands are used in this class.

  • Drop-in Fitness Rate$15

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About The InstructorBettina Trabulsi

Bettina’s path to becoming a professional belly dancer began at the age of 8, when she first fell in love with the beauty and femininity of this alluring dance. Growing up in the small Syrian town of Homs, Bettina taught herself this mystical art form through countless hours of after school practice, igniting a lifelong commitment to sharing this love with whomever she encountered. This dedication led her to a fruitful and adventurous career, first performing at weddings and private events, and eventually, stages across the globe. Today, Bettina is thrilled to share her passion with students who want to gain a deeper appreciation of this beautiful dance.

Bettina Trabulsi

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Comfy workout clothes and sneakers will do just fine.

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