B-Boy and B-Girl like a champ. You’re just a 2-Step, Flare, L-Kick, and Freeze away from break’N like a pro!

This seriously fun class teaches you beginning breakdance through impressive body movements and coordination while encouraging your unique and individual style. In our Break’N class you will learn classic b-boy and b-girl styles while gaining the confidence and acrobatic skills needed to perform this exciting urban dance form.

Master impressive body movements Master impressive body movements Improve your coordinationImprove your coordinationExpress and develop a personal style Express and develop a personal style

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About The InstructorDavid Sepeda

David Sepeda comes to Yello with glowing recommendations for his work as a professional Breakdancer and Breakdance instructor. He has a ten-year record of competing and judging throughout the United States. Notably, his experience includes multiple seasons performing on the N.B.A Chicago Bulls break dance team, the “Breakabulls”, based in Chicago.  With the Breakabulls, David performed for audiences of more than 25,000 people in the United Center and to millions more watching nationally televised games. His extensive background teaching youth makes him a great fit for Yello students wanting to engage in this daring and acrobatic art form.

David Sepeda

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How to Dress

Comfort is king. Be sure to wear clothes that don’t constrain, your favorite sneakers, and a beanie or hat for all those headstands you’ll be doing.

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