B-Boy and B-Girl like a champ. You’re just a 2-Step, Flare, L-Kick, and Freeze away from break’N like a pro!

This seriously fun class teaches you beginning breakdance through impressive body movements and coordination while encouraging your unique and individual style. In our Break’N class you will learn classic b-boy and b-girl styles while gaining the confidence and acrobatic skills needed to perform this exciting urban dance form.

Master impressive body movements Master impressive body movements Improve your coordinationImprove your coordinationExpress and develop a personal style Express and develop a personal style

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This class is appropriate for children showing an interest in hip hop and having some athletic ability. Prior dance experience is not required. Classes vary in age.

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About The InstructorJavier “Spindian” Chavez

 Originally from Salt Lake City, Utah, Javier Chavez, aka Spindian, discovered breaking in the summer of 2008 when he came across B-boys having a practice session in the corner of a mall. After being amazed by seeing breaking done in person, he instantly knew that this would be the beginning of a life-long passion for him. He devoted his time in learning and understanding not only the movement of the dance, but also the culture that surrounded the art form. After moving to Florida in 2010, he dedicated all of his time to breaking and hip hop and went on to win many B-boy competitions in the state. Spindian started his professional career in 2012, when he joined Raw Miami Crew Entertainment, doing appearances in commercials and music videos for local artists as well as many shows and performances all across Florida. He went on to compete on a national and international level. Spindian is also member of “Supreme Beingz” crew and continues to take part in many competitions all around the U.S. today.

Javier “Spindian” Chavez

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How to Dress

Comfort is king. Be sure to wear clothes that don’t constrain, your favorite sneakers, and a beanie or hat for all those headstands you’ll be doing.

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