Hip Hop

Kids and Teens

Let your child express themselves in this fast-paced, heart-thumping hip hop class!

First appearing in New York City in the 1970’s, hip hop has evolved into a range of musical and rhythmic styles. Our high-energy Hip Hop class gives your kids the chance to learn a mix of hip hop and street dance choreography.

Learn hip hop moves with structure Learn hip hop moves with structure Promote personal expression Promote personal expression Core exercise and freestyle techniques Core exercise and freestyle techniques

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About The InstructorEliana Perdomo

Eliana has been teaching and choreographing dance for nearly a decade. Boston born, Eliana grew up in the dance community — volunteering and later creating a dance academy for the Boys and Girls Club of Lawrence, Massachusetts. Through her academy, Eliana assembled a team of dancers who went on to compete and win various competitions throughout the state. She recently relocated to Florida to pursue a career in music and dance and to further her studies in child and adolescent psychology. Eliana is thrilled to have the opportunity to share her passion for music and dance with the next generation of performers.

Eliana Perdomo

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How to Dress

Loose and confident is the name of the game. Leggings, sweats, or shorts and a t-shirt with sneakers on the feet works just fine.

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