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Ages 3-5: Gotta Dance Instructor: Vanessa Padilla and Amber Dorsky

Creative Movement Dance Classes for Toddlers (Ages 3-5*) in Fort Lauderdale

Our Gotta Dance class is a creative movement class designed to increase your little one’s coordination and rhythm. Set to recognizable children’s music, students will engage in playful, imaginative movements that encourage a love and appreciation of dance and music. This class is appropriate for boys and girls.

*For 3 year olds new to class, if desired, for the first five classes, a parent is permitted to sit on the floor along the wall in the studio. Parents are not permitted to participate in the class with their child, but can be present on the side as the child becomes comfortable in the class.

Dress Code:


  • Pink tights
  • Pastel Leotard
  • Ballet slippers
  • Skirt is optional.


  • Black sweat pants or shorts
  • White t-shirt
  • Lightweight Sneaker, black jazz shoes, or black ballet slippers

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Yello! offers the other dance classes for toddlers throughout the week at various times. You can check our schedule for the upcoming week here. If you’d like more information, please fill out the form on this page or give us a call at 954-491-1591.

1 Hour Per Week (Monthly): $68
Private and semi-private ballet classes available.

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