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Adult Yoga: Hatha 1 Instructor: Shawna Gobbi

Yoga Classes for Adults in Fort Lauderdale

Yoga is an integrative system for personal transformation—physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual. Poses (asanas) challenge, strengthen and tone every organ of the body. Yello’s Hatha Flow is a steady paced class with a sequence of poses, followed by deep relaxation, breathing practices, and meditation. The class works with the physical body, inner awareness and the breath, creating an individual experience that takes each student to his or her own limits, yielding maximum benefit and preventing injury.

Proved effective through thousands of years, Hatha Yoga is one of the most beneficial practices one can pursue for the general wellness and balance of the body and mind.

Benefits include:

  • increased vitality, flexibility, and self-confidence
  • improved circulation and digestion
  • a strengthened nervous system
  • a glowing complexion and clear, bright eyes
  • a concentrated, meditative attitude, bringing clarity to the mind
  • a loose, relaxed, energized body
  • optimum strength and health

*Mats available for rent at the studio, $3.00, first-come first-served basis

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Private and semi-private yoga classes available.

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