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Belly Dance Beats Instructor: Bettina

Belly Dancing Classes for adults in Fort Lauderdale

Learn the secrets to the hypnotic movements of the art of belly dance in our belly dance class. Experience expression with power and intrigue with grace. Build self-confidence and tone up in this upbeat class.

You will learn high-energy choreography that includes shimmies and undulations. In addition, you’ll do freestyle continuous movements to groovy beats.

The movements you learn in this belly dancing class will sculpt and firm your body, all while you enjoy a creative, fun, and stress free environment. Designed to build strength, balance, flexibility and body awareness, belly dancing classes will improve your stamina, endurance, and grace.

Come shimmy away your worries in this high-energy belly dance class at Yello! in Fort Lauderdale.

*Student MUST supply their own belly dance hip scarf.

*Hip scarves available for sale at the studio.

About the Instructor

Bettina is a professional dancer and formally educated in the art of belly dancing . She gained knowledge of belly dancing from a very young age. She is experienced in teaching belly dancing classes to a vast audience. For more information about your instructor, click here.

Single Class: $15
Private and semi-private belly dance classes available.

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