Dance!Get moving at Yello! with ballet, jazz, hip-hop & even belly dance classes. Center yourself with yoga or refine your movements with the Gyrotonic® method. Come and stretch, jump, & twirl or simply revel at Yello! Click here to learn more. Eat!In 2017, Yello will provide a delectable plant-based feast. Discover delicious raw food, cooked vegetarian and vegan gourmet dishes to pave your way to healthy eating. Until then, listen to people from around the world who made a shift in food choices. For life-changing stories, click here to watch now! See!In 2016, Yello! doubled in size when it adds a soaring vaulted art gallery and performance space for you to explore and experience art, dance, music, theater, film and spoken word events catered by the special plant-based Yello! Kitchen ! Click here for our upcoming special events! Dream!Share your own creative vision. Is your passion choreographing dance pieces, creating theater, musical theater, music jam sessions, art exhibits, film, poetry performance or the spoken word? You are essential to our living, breathing success! Submit your ideas!

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Yello! Bienvenue! Aloha!  Mabuhay! Shalom!  Benvenuti! Bienvenidos! Wilkommen! Welcome!

“Gotta dance, gotta dance, gotta DANCE!”

When Gene Kelly proclaimed those words in the classic American musical ”Singin’ in the Rain,” his declaration was aimed at more than just a stage full of Broadway hopefuls. Kelly’s challenge was for all of us, for the human spirit, for anyone who knows that the joy of moving through life is the joy of moving through space, and who feels that the space within us is as important as the world within our reach.

Now a completely new space called Yello! has come to Fort Lauderdale on Commercial Boulevard between Bayview and Federal Highway—and when it bursts into bloom there will be nothing like it in all of South Florida.

Brand-new in 2014, the eco-friendly Yello! offers dance classes in Fort Lauderdale, a common area with on-line exploration computer terminals and a small boutique that emphasizes plant-based foods created for healthy living, along with useful Pylones® gifts that are bursting with color and joy to appeal to the child in all of us. These gifts are available at stores in Paris, New York City and now at Yello!

Cornered by lush and green tropical vegetation, Yello! is already beginning to grow as light pours in through floor-to-ceiling glass doors and windows. Currently, Yello! offers Gyrokinesis classes and dance classes (including ballet, modern dance, jazz funk, hip hop and belly dancing) in Fort Lauderdale. General movement classes offer an exploration into how each person’s body wants to bend and turn to his or her own inner rhythm.

Yello! has dance classes in Fort Lauderdale for toddlers, kids, teens, adults, and movement classes in which individuals and families are both welcome. All classes take place in our low-VOC, (i.e. eco-friendly), state-of-the-art studios.

At Yello! you’ve Gotta DANCE!

In 2016 Yello! will more than double in size when it opens a soaring vaulted ceiling performance and exhibit space for art, film, music, and of course, dance!

Here, the Yello! celebration will continue to grow with a full kitchen preparing plant-based, raw food and cooked gourmet dishes that are gluten-free, dairy-free, plant-abundant and just plain people-friendly. Yello! will host raw food and cooked plant-based food classes and share delicious recipes with the community alongside our vibrant dance classes.  At Yello! you’ve Gotta EAT!

By 2016, artists will be invited to submit their work to exhibit in Yello!’s soaring gallery space through regularly scheduled events and presentations. Yello! will host performances with its own students and instructors as well as guest performers, and also offer talks and films on a range of topics. So bring in your work and fill Yello! with your talent and imagination. At Yello! you’ve Gotta SEE, you’ve Gotta DREAM! And of course you gotta move in our dance classes!

But the people behind Yello! understand that many of these ideas and concepts about food, about movement and even about breath will be new to people, might be thought of as a challenge, even an impossibility. And the questions are obvious. Who are the people making these food and other choices? Why are they making them? Where are they? How do they live in a world where healthy choices are often misunderstood and seen as limitations? Well, to help answer these questions and in preparation to open its doors, Yello! spent five years traveling the globe to talk to and interview people who shifted their life choices, and experienced their own personal health revolution. Some people did it gradually, some dramatically, some in small ways, some in very big ways, but all did it to benefit their lives.

How did they do all this?

So at Yello! you’ve Gotta KNOW!

You’ve gotta know why people made changes in their lives and even decided to “go raw” because of health challenges or for general well being. Look for clips here on the Yello! website or visit the Yello! space in Fort Lauderdale for more of the full interviews. These personal and compelling stories coming from places as far-flung as Australia, Thailand, Turkey, France, the Philippines, Canada and America.

One story though is especially important to understanding Yello! and why it is located in Fort Lauderdale, and that story winds its way to South Florida via New York City. Yello! is a place and a space that has been fully imagined and realized by Marisa Hormel. Marisa settled in South Florida in 2005, but for nearly two decades prior to that she lived in New York City. The arts brought Marisa to New York and while there she studied acting, music and dance. She co-founded a theater company and performed Shakespeare in Central Park and small theaters in the big city. She performed in readings of Edgar Allen Poe and A Christmas Carol. She was also seen in a staged reading at the Brooklyn Academy of Music. Marisa played Emily in “Our Town” and Juliet in Shakespeare’s “Romeo and Juliet.” She travelled from Massachusetts to California doing children’s theater, and landed a Pizza Hut commercial, IBM commercial and an American Express and Berlitz Industrial. She is a member of the Screen Actors Guild and the Actors’ Equity Association.

But then in New York, Marisa found another community to engage her. Living on chocolate cheese muffins, cheese popcorn and white cheese pizza, bbq chicken wings and potato wedges, she was diagnosed with cervical precancerous cells, this started her journey that led her to venture into organic, living, raw plant-based food in 2000. With no recurrence, she never looked back. This thriving and growing New York food community and the arts, these two passions of exploring ones self through art and food choices, melded together.

So now in the tropical rainforest climate of Fort Lauderdale, Florida, Marisa brings you the essence of her life in a nutshell. Yello! exists right at the intersection of art and healthy living. Marisa invites you to come to Yello! online or in person to attend our fun dance classes in Fort Lauderdale, to eat, and discover what she and so many others have. Start your own personal health revolution and let Yello! help pave your path!

People ranging from ages 3 to 85 have already danced at Yello! So join us and jump, twirl, plié, reach, stretch, explore, eat, drink or simply revel at Yello!

You are the artist of your life. YELLO! is your invitation to the playground! The Best dance classes in Fort Lauderdale can be found here!